Dos culturas, cuatro lenguas, un futuro

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Let’s go to the theatre !

Little Red & Snow White

CE1 and CE2 went to see the play Little Red, at the Bravium Theatre in Reus. It was a musical, and we had studied the songs and vocabulary before in class. It was based on the traditional story of Little Red Riding Hood, but there were many changes! Little Red was not a nice girl at all, and, in fact, the real hero was the wolf.

Also, CM1 and CM2 went to see another play in English, Snow White. They enjoyed it very much – there were only two actors, but between them they played many different roles. Snow White was kind and good, Queen Esmerelda was bad, and the dwarf was funny. It had some surprises though, from the original story! Igor the Magic Mirror was looking for a handsome prince to wake up Snow White, and he found one – our very own Monsieur Tell!